Back Across the Styx

Out of the underworld and into a war.

For the son of Hades and Persephone and the daughter of Charon the Ferryman, the trouble is with getting back to the underworld...

cover art by Tara Scarcello

Heart of the Dragon's Realm

She is traded for peace.

Betrothed to the mountain-king, whom she's never met — his realm is so remote that they say it's guarded by a dragon — Kimri is surprised to discover a man she might come to care for.

Sea Gifts

Her father killed the dragon who ruled under the sea.

When a dragon's skeleton washes up on the lonely isle where Rhis lives, she knows that her past role in the dragon-king's death hasn't been forgotten. But although the dragon-king's heir first comes seeking revenge, he finds something else in her...

cover of SLIP POINT
cover art by Croco Designs

Slip Point

Space pirates. Reunited lovers. Infiltration. Diplomacy.

Driven by her dream of the stars, she ran away to become a pirate — only to find herself smuggling no ordinary cargo: the childhood sweetheart she'd abandoned.

cover of DEMON'S FALL
cover art by Croco Designs

Demon's Fall

An angel at the gates of Hell.

Angels don't belong in the city at the gate to Hell, and even less in a cage in Hellsgate's market...and especially not in a demon's heart. But he will follow her through the threads of a fairy tale and even to the end of the world.

cover of SUMMER-SET
cover art by Kanaxa


Him: hunter turned lover. Her: lover turned prey.

While hunting down a rogue sorcerer, he encounters a woman unafraid of his nature, and for the first time fails to catch his prey.